E-Procurementguide for customers

E-procurement like Easy Procurement

Misco provides a full range of IT products and Services, in order to improve our customers efficiency we provide for free a full set of procurement Tools:

  • Purchasing your IT products portfolio through one web interface will facilitate user adoption.
  • Reduce your transactional costs and minimize the risk of error by using electronic procurement.
  • Manage your budget easily by having full control of your product portfolio.
  • Delegate your purchase request to your end user without losing overall control.
  • Provide dedicated online restricted or non-restricted catalogue to your end users.

Three ways to E-Procurement

Three ways to E-Procurement Prerequisites
Web Account No special condition
Static Catalogue Third party* or internal procurement tool to receive file-based static (periodic) catalogues
Punch-out Third party* or internal procurement tool (CXML or SAP OCI) to receive web-based (on-line) content
E.g., Ariba, Hubwoo, Tblox, IBX, POET, Science Warehouse, etc.

Key features and capabilities

data formats

  • Despatch
  • EDI
  • BMECat
  • xls, csv, cif, txt, etc.

third party service providers

  • Ariba
  • Hubwoo
  • Tblox
  • IBX
  • POET
  • Science Warehouse, etc.

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